Q: I press the button and nothing happens, what is going on?
A: Due to the nature of the GSM protocol and the software in your mobile phone, you need to hold the button for at least ten seconds or more.

Q: Is it legal to use a BuBL Space device?
A: Depending on your country, it might be legal, but in the EU and US zones it is strictly forbidden.

Q: Can the range be extended, I like to increase the bubble to 50 meters or more.

A: No, BuBL Space has a fixed bubble size, but holding the button longer will also switch off more distant phones.

Q: BuBL Space effectively jams the GSM frequencies, what about the new 3G UMTS band?
A: We kept an eye on the future, therefore all BuBL Space devices cover UMTS.

Q: Why can I not continuously switch the device on?
A: As not all mobile phone users in your surroundings use their phone in an antisocial manner, it would be wrong to switch off their phones too.

Q: How long do the batteries last, how often do I need to recharge?
A: Depending on your use. A fully charged BuBL Space device can give you at least twenty 20 seconds switched on periods.

Q: Is it safe to use a BuBL Space device?
A: This is a highly controversial issue and applies to all electromagnetic waves emitting devices. See the internet for more information.

Q: GSM jamming devices exist for use in theatres and such, how is BuBL Space different?
A: BuBL Space is a personal device isolating oneself in his or her personal zone of silence. Therefore it is not designed to be used to clear off a whole public area like a theatre, college room or city block.
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