The BuBL Device is pocket-size and lightweight. It measures only 73x52x16 mm and weighs 50 g — so it is easy to create your BuBL Space anywhere and at any time: in trains and buses, in bars and restaurants, in the street and at home, work or school. The soft rubber surface of the BuBL Device makes it water- and shock-resistant.

There is only one button on the BuBL Device. Press it for a short while to instantly eliminate all mobile phone signals in your direct surrounding. The longer you press, the larger your BuBL Space grows — up to three meters around the device.

The BuBL Device has a long-lasting rechargeable cell, so you don't need to change batteries. Just plug it into a charger to reload and enjoy more hours of BuBL Space. Easy, inexpensive and non-polluting. A small LED flashes on when you press the button. The BuBL Device doesn\'t make any sound or movement. It even works from your pocket.

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